The New Daleks and the Metaphore for Modern Genocide

I'm sorry, but the new Human Daleks are crap. They are, in fact, just actors... with rayguns.

Come on BBC!! They could at least have had weird eyes or something?

Seldom has a genocide been so welcome.

Alcosmothies - The Great Way to Consume Vodka

I don't know if this is a new invention or not. But my domestic assistant has come up with what is a new drink to us; the Alcosmoothie.

Essentially its a pure fruit smoothie, chilled, with Vodka. Something happens to the vodka when mixed with all that natural goodness. Rather than being a hard liquor, it becomes an ambrosian ichor of crystalline daftness, and I dare say, yummyness. They go down smoother than a freshly showered ladyboy; without any of the bitter aftertaste.

And when you wake up. You are predetoxed.

Alcosmoothies, I salute you!

The Salted Solution advises all children to drink responsibly.


Infants and

Tonight I showed my four year old daughter how to use

She knows she can click on the square images or the blue links. And she knows what the back button does.

So after about twenty mins of monitored browseing she ended up, after way too much Family Guy, trapped in a weird mangapop youtubeosphere.

I promptly pointed her to "funny animals" and she is there now in hysterics.... total hysteics watching cats loose one of their lives. Freewheeling on the internet, or at least youtube.

I feel a bit guilty, as if im pushing here into a world of technology and media. But she is there laughing and loving it, so how bad can it be?

Chat rooms and social nets, thats a different matter.

Better Gmail Awesome Firefox Extention

If you use Gmail and Firefox you should check out the Better Gmail extension form the creatives at lifehacker. Things like the one click conversation view, attachment icons and the in page preview are just fantastic extensions of function and design for Gmail.

Thanks to Kris for pointing this out;)

Abraham’s Syllogism, Discuss.

If you live your life how we tell you it should be lived,

Then you will have an eternity of bliss.

If you believe what we tell you to believe,

Then you will have an eternity of bliss.

If not, then you will have an eternity of suffering.

Suffer in silence, lest you have the means to shout.

I have spent the last 3 days on Dialup at home, 33k. And its hard, really hard. So slow. I feel glad that those people in the 3rd world who are on the brink of internet usage wont have to deal with these speeds. Bandwidth be with you.