Four Pearls

Truth, Beauty, Love and Cheer,
There is no stable set for kneeling. 

Truth, Beauty, Love and Cheer,
These pearls cannot bear thread. 

They shatter at whim, and happenstance. 
Then unto The Source reseeded.

Structure: as the world bursts forth

Think of a point in nothingness,
A zero point.
Nothing can be said about it.
Not size nor shape nor other.
Then, what can I say about it?
That it is.
Can I say it once was not?
Can I say it once will never be?
The same.
This is all we can say.

Suppose another zero point.
The world is now two.
What truths are possible of this pair?
New meanings.
That it has difference.
Does Z1 have difference?
No, all is same.
Just the two?
And all past that.
Difference entails that there is this and that.
And that this is not that.
And all and only that is that.
And if there is this and that.
Then there is this.
And there is that.
And if there is neither.
then there is none.

Imagine Z3.
The world bursts forth.
Properties emerge from nothing.
Connectivity and interconnectivity
From these.
All structures flow.
Imagine Z1->Z3
From these:
Existence, Identity, Connection
All structures flow.


It is said there is a seed back there, That has no root greater than itself. It is said there is a root back there, That is a spore of the branches ahead.
Some said that one was all,
Some said that all was one. All knew that some were part of one, And none were part of all.
Some will say they came without fruit, And all they took was seeds. Some will say they will bring the all, And leave the fruit to be.

Dear Youngsters

Dear Youngsters,

I worry about tech,
The effect it has on you.
And everything you do.
These everywhere technologies.
Your growing brains. 
Evolving personalities.
The time sink.
Lifelong digital ink.
Addictive compulsions and empty consumptions
The absolute, and terrifying, reversals of importance.

Youngsters, know this,
The science is in:
Attention splitting is attention spoiling.
That new alert ping.
Some virtual ker-ching.
Duel screening.
These things spoil your focus and flow.
And we do not know, 
As it is all so new, 
The effect it will have on how you will do the things you will do,
Or not.

And what about your sense of self?
Inflated/deflated, over and over.
The ego smack-crack conditioning.
The social media me-asma.
It makes you feel important,
But it is not, and yet, you are so,
So, so so important…
And so is your time, and his and hers and theirs and mine.

You must chose the choices you must choose,
And nobody can really help you but you,
But you can help yourself and see,
To me, where is the toxicity of this everywhere technology?
In your life, it is your life, this is all about you,
We cannot stop now,
But we can control,
And cut down,
And own,
And be able to be as we walk down the street a being in the moment.
Who is here, who is present in this gift; 
Outside the brains of the servers.

There is a game out here,
That you can play more.
It has feel and fun and it is ripe and it is raw.
It has reality and value and consequence.
Game over
Life well lived.
Game well played.
Was that time well spent?
Did I just thrive then?
If this was my last, would I do that again?

Youngsters, I’m done now.
I stop,
I have only this to say:

This is the shortest game you will ever play.