I am a Borax Bore.

Over six months product free and really enjoy the self-experiment and the making of concoctions, potions, balms and toothpastes.
What has struck me (I've been into this stuff for literally yonks and yonks), as an amazing newcomer chemical to the CHE Household arsenal is Borax. The very same stuff your grandmother used, assuming she was into soldering. I jest, even if she wasn't into soldering she would have used it. And probably her Grandmother too.
This stuff rocks. I've been using for absolutly literally almost everything, including, ishityounot, vinaigrette (that's a word from the French language which rough translates to "dressing").
So, if you are looking to get something to go along side your other single item CHE arsenal then I heartily recommend Borax.
Borax, it's the new Bicarb.