The Google Homepage and Google Chrome and our Privacy

If you haven't tried Chrome yet from Google, and you use Windows, you should give it a go. I have been using it since its launch - I was an avid Firefox 3 user, but Chrome is just simpler, faster, safer, smoother and, well... better. Its quite a revolution in browser architechonics, baby.

The Google Homepage

And once you have Chrome installed you might like to see how its new Java Script engine handles your own perosnalised Google Homepage. This homepage comes over as a super-useful set of web  applciations and content sources that you can chop and change to your heart's content. Replete with huge amounts of integration into the other websites, it is, prima faciae, the perfect portable preferenceable personal portal to "The Cloud". However, this is not the case.

The Google Homepage is in fact a Hegemonic Honeytrap designed to analise and scrutinise and prioritrise (by their priorities, not yours) your life as a digital prisoner in the guilded penitentiary of the aforementioned Hegemony. Your entire psychometic and cognitive patternality  is constantly being syphoned off your online life, via your Google Homepage and past, through stegonoinformatic internet tunnels into The Dark Cloud (Yes, the same "Dark Cloud" as used by the CIA, ASDA, and Interpol)

If your kewl with that, it;s well worth using. 

Oh, and it works really well on the Iphone/Ipod Touch so that even when you're out and about everything about YOU is recorded in various senses, for YOUR protection from purchsing the wrong products.

I'm actually pleased that I am so DEEPLY suckered into this fuctional funfare of faux favors because I know that at some point in the future The Google will be able to "help" me. They haven't yet, and let's hope they don't (Or is it do?)  but soon they will realise the value TO US of the data they clandestinely have been sucking FROM US for over the last three decaces and they will realise they will be able to SELL US this information that they BORROWED WITHOUT TELLING US and, moreover,  we will be happy with this.

I really don;t mind running headlong into a total surveillance society so long as:
  1. Never in our homes.
  2. Never in our chats to questional "Dominatrixes" on an Internet Relay Chatroom called "The Castle of Sexual Disfunctionalism" in about June 1994. It was a Sunday morning.
  3. Encryption is never illegal.
  4. No bugging without a Judge's permission.

But, before The Google totally gets into massaging the flows of humanity and intelligence I wish they would allow you to add a Gadet get to your homepage for reading emails from an alternative Gmail account. Thanks in advance.

Amila's Wedding Photo's

I have so far been to two weddings in Sri Lanka, the last one was Amila and his beutiful wife Sandya. 


Q: How Long Ago Were We All Africans?

A: Only 60,000 years. Thats only 30 Jesus's!

Salted Review : The Advent 4211 XP Netbook

Ten days ago I got one of the new Advent 4211
netbooks from PC World. Its a great little bit of tech, one that may have got me out of my ipod touch induced tech review writers block. Ive had a fair bit of tech through my hands since my Toch arrived, but none of it inspired.

But this tiny laptop is small and nifty. Its not tiny, I used to one of those tiny Sony
Vaios that came out 6 years ago, and now, that would not be tiny. I would say it about half the size of the bible, or, If your a devil worshipper, a quarter necronomicaon. As you can see from this pic:

It runs windows
XP, has a new spritely and mobile Atom processor, a gig of ram and 80 gigs of hard drive. For most people, it will do everything you ever want to do on a laptop.

I think it would be great for kids too, as if it gets crushed, lost its not too much of a
disaster. Or if the cat does what my cats do, prompting the purchase of this very laptop, and thus this very review.

As a media player the screen is great, we have been watching it in bed lots... but the speakers are pretty crummy.

Battery life is good - im getting a couple of hours with WiFi on.


I had a look at a lot of these new format laptops both online and in PC World and online again, and The Advent 4211 is, IMHO, the best of the bunch so far and great great value at £269.