Celebrating The Ancient Fastival of Janadan

Every year about this time it seems that most, like us, are thinking things like:

"I think I will diet in the New Year."
"I never want to drink again."
"It befuddles me how so few mince pies can turn into so many pounds of self-loathing."

So this year, as a family, we have decided to observe, nay... celebrate, the ancient Fastival of Janadan.

Not many people outside of Cornwall have heard of the Fastival of Janadan; a period of one month in which the foundational principal of Less is More (Le yw moy), is taken to the max and translated as Even Less is Much Much More (Hwath le yw marthys mo). 

It seems there are no specific rules to the observance of Janadan; if you will it is a pick and mix of abstinences and reductions of consumptions. 

Happy Janadan for 2012!

Don't Eat the QCH!