Ooops a stove.

Ostensibly this blog is about applying Cartesian principles to home economics  Mr and Mrs Moneytard both follow these simple principles when it comes to optimising our domestic environments. Why would anyone not?

But today my other party could find no Cartesian path from where they saw our economic status to my new purchase of a two thousand pound wood burning stove.

"You did what?!"

But my justification for this outlandish purchase of elite camping equipment. Only available from Scandinavia.

This is the nub, the rub, the essence: it will turn pretty much anything into heat. Dry wood, wet wood, newspapers (you find yourself constantly tearing away at adverts to keep the beast fed) and , in a emergency plastic (this is not environmentally responsible, but if it would save your life and you could do it, you would do it.).

It has this stainless steel water boiler that forms its skin, its hard to explain. It never needs cleaning, just flush the ash (I am not sure of this claim yet, the glass is stained after a day. The glass is amazing, the inside shape is supposed to direct the fires light out through the glass, its  like a 1 watt electric bar fire, really cool. My other half hasn't seen it in action yet.

Anyays, they are quite irked right now.