True Democracy/ Mob Tyrany/ Maximum Untidiness

Talking on a forum about democracy and politics at the mo. One thing that is cropping up (often by me) is this idea that there is something inherently and politically beautiful in "true democracy".

But "true democracy" may not be a good thing. It may be a shambles. But I think we owe it to ourselves as a species to at least aim for it and see if its better than what we have now or what has has gone before.

Review: Belikin Laptop@home Sleve Top Home Case

In my time I have made laptop treys of "Dinner treys" with aluminum foil heat dispersing manifolds. For a while, when I had my diddy little Vaio, I had a hand made wooden plate that was perfect in 90% of ways.

The problem is one of comfort and fuction. And it is close to being solved... for now.

Introducing the Belkin Sleeve Top.

Its a laptop case/rest thats designed for the home.

Carrying your laptop from one room to another,
Keeping on your laptop on your lap with more comfort than without.
Offering a modicum, of protection to the aforementioned laptop.

It's good.

It stops your balls frying.

If I lose it, I would get another one right away.

Check it out on the Belkin website:

17 quid in Staples

Spheres of Democracy

Been thinking lots about open democracy of late.

It strikes me on a global level a single open democracy would be the most preferable.

But the issues that effect different regions and cultures would change the pressures internally of that democracy.

And so surely the way is to have spheres of democracy.

Larger spheres, such as trade and military...

Contain smaller national spheres...

And perhaps, if those nations want, smaller regional spheres.

Gmail as wax

To what extent is gmail a legally usefull verificatin of content, date, sender and recipient authenticty?

How long before we have the defence cracking open the G in court?
Please reply to

Without unity we are punity.

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I like....

...To think about What should happen rather than make thinks happen.
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Facebook Metafreinds and The Question App

There has been sudden but minor flurry in my Facebook friends and metafreinds asking each other questions with the question app (Mine are very like MondoPondo truths).

And you see how everyone of your friends answers and asks.

I think Facebook is starting to create new kinds of metafreinds where you don't personally interact regularly but you have regular contact in as much as you watch snippets of your facebook freind's lives and characters meander down your screen.

I guess some people may think that is sad. But it is the future.

Any anyways, I would rather have some ephemeral contact with Toby or Tom, than no contact with them.

Rixhard Dwarkins For Pope!

I'm watching Enemies of Reason on Channel 4. Its another of the great shows by the great Richard Dwarkins - and he really is great, I feel.

The documentary like his recent and powerful anti-religion Documentaries (The Root Of All Evil, the Big Question), but this time the victim is movements/principles like fortune telling, dowsing and spiritualism.

I'm half way through the first of the two hours.

And it ain't looking good for the loononies.

The BBC Can Kiss My Fat Media Pipe (First poetic review of Iplayer)

I remember years ago, as I basked in foreign bytes.
The BBC I player.
The player for I.

Over years wired news flow.
My saliva;
Perhaps the very girth of my techno-fetishist-gristle, did grow.

I was alpha for the beta.
I would have been epsilon.
Just to get on.

To try.....
To try...
The BBCi(player).

This eve I was invited,
Into the beta I went excited.
I signed up.

I browser

Until the moment where truth is true,
Where reality is presented to you,

The BBC deserve a POX,
For BBCi wont chase the Fox.