My thoughts on Ross Kemp in Afganistan

If you are one of those people who, like me, know people who are in some sense "in the media" then you will know that Afghanistan is not the first Stan that Ross Kemp has been embedded in. There is nothing wrong with being gay, or Afghan, but last night's episode of this very in the heat new series showed that gay men can be placed front-line, battlefield deployments without crying.

I could not believe it, bullets were flying....

Taliban RPGS....


Ambush (not "manbush")


The boy from Walford was in a situation - a bad lad jihad- where at any moment he could be killed, yet, he just stayed their, like a heterosexual solder.


If I won a Billion

If I won a billion:
A house in London,
LA and Amsterdam
And in each house,
And in every room,
An Ipod touched,
In my Itunes.

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Mini Review: Mark Wootton Exposed

Just watched this on BBC2, the start of a new series. It was awesome. You have to go to him, he doesn't come to you with easy laughs, but it is exquisite comedy. Mark Wooton is one of the World's secret comedy stars I feel, both his last his series "My New Best Friend" and "Shirley Ghostman" were ground breaking and this follows the vein... exceptional post-avant garde comedy (do what?).

The song he sung at the end, to a bemused live audience, was just...well... really funny.

You can watch it right in your browser on the BBC Iplayer here

Movie Review: Rise of The Foot Soldier

Just watched this, its REALLY good. I don't normally like violence but this was so well done.

Its a true story about a football hooligan/ gangster from the late seventies to the mid-ninties.

An unusual mix of great and average acting. Awesome fight scenes. Ace script. Ace film.