Ooops a stove.

Ostensibly this blog is about applying Cartesian principles to home economics  Mr and Mrs Moneytard both follow these simple principles when it comes to optimising our domestic environments. Why would anyone not?

But today my other party could find no Cartesian path from where they saw our economic status to my new purchase of a two thousand pound wood burning stove.

"You did what?!"

But my justification for this outlandish purchase of elite camping equipment. Only available from Scandinavia.

This is the nub, the rub, the essence: it will turn pretty much anything into heat. Dry wood, wet wood, newspapers (you find yourself constantly tearing away at adverts to keep the beast fed) and , in a emergency plastic (this is not environmentally responsible, but if it would save your life and you could do it, you would do it.).

It has this stainless steel water boiler that forms its skin, its hard to explain. It never needs cleaning, just flush the ash (I am not sure of this claim yet, the glass is stained after a day. The glass is amazing, the inside shape is supposed to direct the fires light out through the glass, its  like a 1 watt electric bar fire, really cool. My other half hasn't seen it in action yet.

Anyays, they are quite irked right now.

Chase The Butterflies

I have long been a collector of the various ways we humans have found to express that abstract goodness to life, and the singular, hopeful, response to that goodness; Seize the day. Play The Game. Don't Worry, Be Happy.

My Uncle Andy died a couple of years ago, he was a great man; all thought. My older cousin, and Andy's first male nephew, Yeof , he came to stay, from LA. Just the other day. He told me how Andy had been such a fertile influence on his life; as Andy was to many. He told me of the  wise and pristine advise that his uncle had given him, without claim, many long, long years ago... .

"Chase The Butterflies"

Uncle Andy '47'10

What the internet thinks about Vitamins and Devon

I found this site today from a Vsause video called What does the internet think.

This is what I found out about vitamins:

Vitamin A: 51% Positive
Vitamin B: 94% Positive
Vitamin C: 45% Positive
Vitamin D: 99% Positive
Vitamin E: 33% Positive

This is what I found out about Devon and Cornwall:

Cornwall: 99% Positive
Devon: 41% Positive

"Getting pwned on ones own techdown."

We have a game in the house called Techdown. The name comes from my cousin Pinhead, he taught us how to play this game.

The rules are simple: If one person in the room calls a "Techdown," and someone else in the room follows with  a "Techdown," then all in the room must remove switch off and disconnect from any technology; including, it transpires, tin-openers. It is quite a life enhancing game if you are a tecchy kinda family.

Today we got owned, my wife and I.

We called a Techdown, and the kids played the game and teched-on-down to past Analogue Town. But then... in a moment of glee revelation, they decided to play the game to its logical conclusion. They switched everything off. Electrical and gas all over the house (we narrowly avoided the great "Is water technology?" debate before they were done). So there we were, sat in a state of Luddite stasis, which, as you would expect is easily comparable as a slice of time to sitting, faces in interfaces; connected in disconection.

RE: Baltic Anomaly: Far Stranger Than Any UFO Discovery | Truthfall

This is an interesting mystery and it's one that is happening right now (I've been following since they found it, last year)

I think it is either a:
  1. Hoax: If it is a hoax it is a very elaborate and expensive one. If it is a Hoax it is one that has not been found out by the mainstream or alternative media for many months. 
  2. Astounding Mystery: There is a designed and constructed large structure on the seabed of the Baltic sea.
  3. Astounding Coincidence: The strange apparent structure on the sea bed that contains many configurations (holes, right angles, symmetries...) that do not normally belong in nature and these rare coincidental configurations happened themselves by a statistically and demonstrably astoundingly unlikely coincidence.
  4. Erroneous Evidence: The sonar evidence, testimony, images etc is messy and unclear and it has been interpreted erroneously.

Either way, its curious and interesting to me.

Some mysterious objects

I have read a fair bit about all of these. Please read the article if interested and then let me know what you think of my conclusions:

My thoughts:

  • I think 1,2 and 10,11 are significant mysteries.
  • I think 3 and  4,8,9, 12  are interesting but not overly mysterious. 
  • I think 5, 6 and 7 are either astoundingly mysterious or mysterious hoaxes.
    • A mystery is a mysterious hoax if even if you accept that it is a hoax there remains a signifigant mystery to be solved. I figure this term belongs to Gerald Hawkins. Even if a hoax, there is a significant mystery to be solved, eg as with crop circle theorems).
    • A mystery is astounding if it's truth challenges a paradigm. For example, finding cocaine in an Egyptian is astounding.
Just my thoughts...

Of Modern Wisdoms, not Eternal No Brainers.

Any browse of a quotes dictionary for topics like kindness, honesty, wisdom, morality and positivity will always reveal a collection of, I think,  eight types of Principles Of Wisdom.

And any comparison of, who said what will show that these eight core POWs (or happy-ninja skills) are found in all the great belief systems of the world; often in uncannily similar senses.

Take one of the core suggestions/instructions, ABK. This is found in the great littérateurs time and time again:

  • The highest form of wisdom is kindness - The Talmud
  • Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle - Plato
  • In faith and hope the world will disagree, but all mankind's concern is charity - Alexander
  • Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses - Confucius
  • Love Your Enemies - Jesus
  • My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.- Dalai Lama
  • Deeds of kindness are equal in weight to all the commandments - The Talmud
  • No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted - Aesop
  • What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness? Rosseau
These are just some the Eternal No Brainers...

What I find is interesting is that pretty much all of the POWs are ENBs, that is to say, there are not many new principles of universality when it come to wise suggestions. So Far I can just think of three Modern No Brainers, these are:

  • Crocker's Law
  • To Two Minute Rule (from GTD)
  • Archive Or Delete
  • (There is a fourth, perhaps in the 80% Rule/Pareto Principle?)

I don't think it was that the ancients were necessarily much wiser than us, they just had a bit of a head start, and probably ate a healthier diet of seafood, olives, fruit and qworn which gave them special abilities to see the obvious:)