"Getting pwned on ones own techdown."

We have a game in the house called Techdown. The name comes from my cousin Pinhead, he taught us how to play this game.

The rules are simple: If one person in the room calls a "Techdown," and someone else in the room follows with  a "Techdown," then all in the room must remove switch off and disconnect from any technology; including, it transpires, tin-openers. It is quite a life enhancing game if you are a tecchy kinda family.

Today we got owned, my wife and I.

We called a Techdown, and the kids played the game and teched-on-down to past Analogue Town. But then... in a moment of glee revelation, they decided to play the game to its logical conclusion. They switched everything off. Electrical and gas all over the house (we narrowly avoided the great "Is water technology?" debate before they were done). So there we were, sat in a state of Luddite stasis, which, as you would expect is easily comparable as a slice of time to sitting, faces in interfaces; connected in disconection.